Merino wool

Merino wool isolates against the cold and keeps you warm, even if you get damp. This is because merino wool is very hydrophilic. The merino wool’s ability to regulate both temperature and humidity helps create a healthy microclimate for your skin.

Merino wool helps to relieve eczema and other skin problems. Merino wool also absorbs UV-radiation, providing a natural protection from the sun. The strength can vary from 15 to 50+ depending on the color and thickness of the garment.

How to wash merino wool?

When washing wool garments it’s important to wash less frequently with a gentle detergent. As it is a natural, self-regulating fibre, wool does not actually need to be cleaned as frequently as other clothes. The best approach is to spot-clean stains wherever possible – gently blotting instead of rubbing. You can also air woollen garments after wearing them or use a steamer to remove odor.

However, if you wish to wash the wool we recommend to machine wash at 30 ° C with low spin cycle. High quality wool should not be washed in a full machine as the fibers can rub against each other.