Mohair has smooth and thin fibers. It has a smooth surface that does not shrink and it looks very shiny. 

Mohair fiber, like wool, consists mainly of the protein substance, keratin. The fiber structure is similar to wool, although the outer layer, or epidermis is slightly different. Mohair Fiber is long, glowing, strong, resilient and durable. It absorbs and retains moisture like wool and has good affinity for dyes, but is more sensitive to chemicals. It reacts just like wool when exposed to heat and sunlight. Because of its texture, mohair bumps are less lightweight than wool.

How to wash mohair?

To prevent mohair from shedding, it is recommended to put it in the freezer overnight, and use a cloth roll to remove excess hair. Wash 3-4 garments in the machine at a time on gentle washing program, and short spin. Less water causes the garment to dry faster, thus reducing the risk of colors flowing into each other.