Vibrent (formerly known as FJONG) was founded in 2016 with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry by bettering the way we use already produced items.


We all know that the fashion industry is the worlds second most polluting industry, and 30 % of already
produced clothing is never sold. When you enter a collaboration with Vibrent you contribute to getting
these items back into circulation instead of them just collecting dust at a warehouse. In Vibrent we match
overstock with fashionable women all over the country, in both Denmark and Norway.

Trough our shared, digital wardrobe we inspire women to create new habits, and we maximise the usage
of every single item. In this way we work against the use and throw-mentality.

As a Vibrent Partner you will also free up valuable storage space, you will get items back into circulation
and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.