The exclusive alpaca wool has incredible insulating properties and is much warmer than sheep wool, while the smooth fibers breathe well – the alpaca fiber is hollow which makes it feel warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. The alpaca does not itch even if you have it straight on your skin.

For knitting yarn, many people like to make blends of alpaca and other fibers. Hair from alpaca can be blended with wool for a more elastic yarn, which keeps the shape better. Silk will enhance the alpaca’s natural brilliance and make the yarn even stronger – that is precisely why we mix our alpaca garments with merino wool.

How to wash alpaca garments?

If you treat the garment with care it will be inherited for many years. Clothes from alpaca should be washed as little as possible! The fiber is self-cleaning and must first of all be aerated. In the washing instructions, 30 ° C hand washing is recommended. Do not leave the garments in water. The garments can be ironed.