Our goal is to create the perfect garments in the best of materials – in order for us to be able to do this we have to be a team. As a team we have the responsibility to not only think of the enviroment, but also take care of the people working for us. It is all thanks to each and every man/women that our creations come alive. 


A Code of Conduct is a document with guidelines and criteria regarding ethical matters, such as human rights, safety and health requirements, working conditions, hours and minimal wages, restriction of employment and abuse of child labor, etc.

At ella&il we have a Code of Conduct (CoC) developed by IEH (Ethical Trading Initiative Norway) that our suppliers have to comply with. With this we can make sure all humans and animals are being treated fair/ethically.

Rikke and Lene visit the lovely factories frequently, so that they also can have a bigger understanding of how the people work and through this build a strong and solid relationship with everyone working for us.  Currently we are working with suppliers in Portugal, China, Hong Kong and Turkey.



For ella&il, sustainability is important and with a few simple steps you can make a big difference.
The textile industry is still a big challenge to our planet, therefore it is important that we focus on creating designs that last over time. It is important to us that every little detail of our process is treated with love – everything from how the animals are treatet to the workers well being.To achieve this, we make sure to have a dialogue with our suppliers to check that everything is made ethically. We focus on introducing approved quality audits of our suppliers on an ongoing basis that both ourselves and the board approves that the employers on good terms. In addition, we have an ongoing process on everything and try to evolve new sustainable ways in creating fabrics. With small steps we can together make a change!

 As consumers and producers, it is important to think about the future. We are interested in “Slow Fashion”.

For us, “Slow Fashion” means that we want to spend a lot of time finding good functional garments made in the best qualities and cuts that can last for many years. Good qualities are the main focus for each collection and this also results in less new clothes and longer durations. We are constantly looking for new and better choices that can help do less damage to the environment.


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