This easter we have collaborated with several fantastic, Norwegian brands. It is definitely the best easter egg EVER! Read about the prizes here, to a total value of 25 500 NOK. 

Check out our latest Instagram post at @ellaandil to enter this amazing giveaway!

Good luck!


Be one of the first to enjoy the Riviera-feeling - An exclusive stay at the Riviera suite at Son Spa, a room prototype for Hotel Riviera opening in June 2023, at Verket in Moss. 

In a collaboration between Høegh Eiendom and Norwegian Hospitality Group, a new hotel destination is created. 

(Value: 9500 kr)

It´s not just a place, it´s a feeling!



In 2004, House of Hygge was established to have just enough to ski all winter.

House of Hygge's part of the giveaway: Wool set (1598 kr)



Founded in 2015 on the basis of the difficulty finding a nice coat to wear in Bergen's weather, one that did not look like a typical rainwear or the "allværsjakke" people often end up wearing in Norway.

BRGN's part of the giveaway: Shopper bag (999 kr)



Atelier gives art enthusiasts access to the great diversity of quality art that is created in artists' workspaces. They allow artists to present their works and invite them to view and sell directly from their studios and online. Established in 2018.

Atelier's part of the giveaway: Art Gift Card (5000 kr)



"Bon" is good in French and "Dep" means pretty in Vietnamese and these two words have been the driving fources in all their work and effort since beginning in 2012.

Bon Dep's part of the giveaway: Jewelry box and KKNEKKI hair ties (1099 kr)



After 5 years of research, product development, laboratory testing and clinical studies, Dr. Ankerstjerne launched in 2018. Quality skin care developed by Norwegian doctors for Scandinavian conditions.

Dr. Ankerstjerne's part of the giveaway: "The Sun Set" (2670 kr)



Kastel was launced in 2011 with the goal of making shoes that would give us comfort and protection without having to sacrifice style.

In 2019, they lanched Norway's first self service shoe store.

Kastel Shoes's part of the giveaway: "Stavern Lemon" shoes (899 kr)



...Of course we're also a part of the giveaway. Win our amazing lounge set, Mika Hoodie & Mubi Pants (3598 kr) and our Ski Goggles from our collaboration with House of Hygge (1899 kr).