Linen has more abrasion resistance than cotton in both dry and wet conditions, and therefore can withstand more chemicals. The fiber is smooth, so dirt doesn’t stick easily, and it is considered bactericidal. Protects you from UV radiation. Linen is recyclable.

Linen feels soft and cooling in the summer – why? That’s because it can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture, while the future birth is dry to wear. Flax absorption moisture. Then it swells up and releases moisture to the outside air. Therefore, it creates a substance that is self-cooled due to evaporation.

How to wash linen?

Washing It is important to wash linen at 30 ° C with low spin. : Why? because linen contracts in the sink and is smooth and “sensitive”, which is why it is important to have low spin in order to get the hole / spoilers in the garment. After washing linen, you may want to shake the garment.