Mari's unwavering dedication to the climate cause and her passion for finding solutions to the world's waste problem make her an inspiring advocate for positive change. As a "trash entrepreneur" since the age of 16, Mari has been at the forefront of innovative initiatives to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices.

Mari (@marilars1) has a strong commitment to the climate cause, with a particular interest in the world’s enormous waste problem. She became a “trash entrepreneur” at the age of 16 and is passionate about creating solutions that can help reduce the amount of waste. Today, she works as a business developer at the waste technology company, Carrot, which aims to reward individuals and businesses for proper waste sorting. In collaboration with Mari, ella&il aims to learn how to contribute to creating a more responsible textile industry and make it easier for consumers to make more sustainable clothing choices.

Here are some of Mari’s tips:

  • Avoid impulse purchases – only buy what you need
  • Invest in high-quality basic garments that last long
  • Repair clothes when they get damaged
  • Rent clothes for special occasions – you can actually rent ella&il from FJONG!
  • Reuse other people’s clothes by buying used ella&il on Tise or ask for hand-me-downs from others. Also, check out ella&il’s second chance on Tise!

Having Mari as our ambassador brings immense value to our mission. Her influence and commitment inspire us and others to take action and make a difference in building a more sustainable future. We are honored to work alongside Mari as we strive to create a world where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of our choices and actions.

You can read more about our collaborations and how to take care of your garments here.