Reduce carbon emission

For each of our suppliers, we want to choose the means of transport with the lowest possible carbon emissions. We have factories in Portugal, Turkey and China and boat is therefore not an option for all shipments.

As a starting point, we do not want to use airplanes as a means of transport, as airplanes have the greatest emissions. In some cases, flying is the only option if the production of bulk is delayed. The alternative in the event of delayed production is either a flight or that the goods are delayed for several months and cannot be sold online and in stores during the current season. We do everything we can to avoid delays, but if delays occur, we must consider the various transport methods based on emissions, time and cost. In certain cases, planes may weigh more than the goods go unsold (increasing the risk of overproduction and waste). Especially in recent years, global conditions in the world, including covid19 and the war, have resulted in us as a small player not being able to choose freely between different means of transport to transport the goods from the factories to our customers. Trains are the most sustainable means of transport compared to cars and planes and are currently not an option as long there is a war in Europe. To be able to choose the most environmentally friendly means of transport, we must constantly assess the options we have available given external factors we cannot influence.

In 2023 one of our transporters is Poterbuddy which is almost fully electric. We want to focus even more on the carbon emissions of the suppliers we work with in order to reduce our total emissions.

Reduce packaging

We strive to find new packaging solutions that will minimize our environmental impact. These are some of the things we have done:

  • Switched to recycled plastic for several of our suppliers. Stopped with silk paper on website purchases (2022).
  • Nordic Eco return label for online purchases (2023).
  • Recycled plastic for all orders that can be reused for returns (double tape) (June 2023).
  • Switched to recycled plastic for several of our suppliers.
  • Reuse the same cardboard boxes that we get in to send out (70% -> B2B customers).