Responsible production/ Reduce overproduction & waste

We’re proud to be a part of NFT&A and their workshops with other brands to collaborate on reaching the climate goals.

To make each individual employee’s use of resources more efficient, we have implemented a year wheel as a management tool with the desired sequence of events within our core areas, design, finance, logistics, sales, shoots, and events. We have already seen a positive effect of the annual wheel as a management tool through improved interaction across core areas and clearer communication with suppliers and customers. Room for delays is reduced by samples, prices and bulk being received in accordance with the established timeline. Styles can be outed earlier; samples can be corrected before bulk and xxx. (2022)

  • 4 annual collections a year, which creates an estimate for the total order value to the suppliers. We strive to order a minimal advance purchase of fabric, if possible, to prevent overproduction and waste.
  • 70% of the order value is pre-sold to external stores.
  • Reduced number of seasonal colors per collection -> “made to last”. From our Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, the number of new seasonal colors per collection has been reduced to reduce the number of prototypes, the risk of unsold items and create a stronger focus on our vision: “Made to last”. Clothes that you can wear year after year without getting tired of them. Our base colors consist of white, black, navy, grey and beige (2023). We aim to continuously ensure that the CoC is updated.
  • One of our largest suppliers will be getting a solar panel on the roof by the end of 2023.
  • For each collection, we have three different shoots. We want all women and men to feel good in their own bodies and have since the beginning focused on shape and quality. As a brand, we have an important responsibility to contribute to increased diversity and show off our garments on different body shapes.
  • We always want to repair rather than give a new garment. Read more about our different collaborations in ella&il EVERLASTING.
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