Velour is a super soft fabric made from 84% and 16% polyester. Velour is a more flexible fabric than velvet which makes it the perfect fabric for loungewear, while still keeping a luxurious look.

Our velour fabric contains mostly cotton which can contain 20% moisture without feeling damp. The fibers quickly absorb sweat and moisture and can hold 65% of their weight without drip. The moisture is stored in the hollow fiber core. Cotton absorbs body sweat that can be easily flushed out in the wash.

How to wash Velour?

Separate the velour garment from the rest of the laundry. It should also be washed inside out because it produces lint.  A velour garment tends to bleed, so do not wash two velour items of different colors together for the first few washes. Wash in cold water or at 30° C on a gentle cycle, and do not use heat to dry the garment. To maintain the soft fabric, use a small amount of gentle detergent and a fabric softener. Velour has a shrinkage on 1-3%.